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In 2008 the launch of the first unbiased Business Directory, Directory52, was released online with over One Million listings promoting businesses throughout the States. Directory52 allowed each web participant exposure with or without paying for premium services. Due to the success of the profiles, additional services including hosted domain listings, local event search, event management, and affiliate partnerships were added for multi-partner connections which developed into The Directory52 Network. The Directory52 Network’s humbled beginning days of leaping into the fragmented media market with a Regional Listing Database with 51 sub sites allowed for a swift transition to be positioned into a Multi-Level Agency for a range of Corporations via scalable solutions. Each offering was managed, monitored, and industry specific, while eliminating manual do-it-yourself subscriptions.     

As a growing enterprise, TDN Five now has the capability to measure a client’s development and delivery while competitively maintaining its managed, monitored, and industry specific offerings. TDN’s pioneering C.O.R.E aligns service campaigns with a great focus placed on open collaboration. Once shared, our Intelligence Campaigns using SEM, Project Management, and Media Strategies are packaged based on a client’s long-term initiatives. TDN Five, Inc., is a privately held Interactive Advertising agency based in North America. 

TDN Agency is a diversified interactive advertising agency

committed to solving business challenges using our flexible in-Network technologies that drive action. The core of TDN is Customizable. Optimized. Relevant. Engaging. Since 2008, integrated solutions have afforded advertisers an outlet to reach millions by conveying their message to a targeted audience by way of Algorithm and Feed distribution, enhancing productivity, as well as, cost savings. TDN Agency strengthens clients’ visibility through our Five-Point In-Network Equity; Consumer Finance, Cross Channel, eCommerce, Digital, and Coaching divisions.      


TDN Five, Inc., and its network of Equity Divisions are committed to Strategic Planning, Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Creatives, and Thought Provoking Content that grows within each of the Five-Point In-Network subsidiaries to offers sustaining growth to our client brands.


TDN Five, performs interactively to produce a full suite of Campaigns through our Five-Point In-Network Equity (Cross Channel, Digital, Coaching, Consumer Finance, and eCommerce) while embracing Out-Network tech to revolutionize promotion experience for our clients customer. We enable companies an outlet to improve their marketing reach by incorporating Industry data, Research and Development, as well as, creative implementation to globalize digital efforts uniquely covering online and offline media. By engaging our customers’ customer we are positioned to drive operational excellence while following the best ethical business practices fueling long term growth, value, credibility and success.

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