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TDN Agency

We are here to assist you in your career development and hope that your skill set is a good match for our business Industry.

At The Directory52 Network we do not believe in focusing in on one class of business. We focus on them all! Never will you hear the coined phrase "Small Business Advertisements" in our offices or training classes. Because of that we focus on finding all different levels of staff to support of growing market. The experienced Digital Consultant loves the industry. The sales support staff work hard to secure those extra bonuses every quarter. And our proficient Researchers go above and beyond finding businesses to list among those in our directories. We thrive at TDN.

We support all of our staff members by recognizing them, encouraging them and providing support every step of the way via our Online Career Network. Every question is answered on this portal and you can take it on your sales calls, in your home office, on the train, wherever. We have someone ready to respond back to your emailed questions or by the phone to answer your call.

At TDN's Support Network we internalize communication via our bi-weekly newsletter The TDNzine company newsletter. We share tips and advice from the sales and marketing staff to offer insight and motivation across all team members.

Here's what you'll experience within the network:

  • Virtual Classroom Training on your first day
  • Monthly training videos
  • Discounted off-site educational workshops for HR, Marketing, and Sales
  • Intranet console for daily use
  • Ongoing Training Monthly teleconference seven minute meetings
  • Management team that works in the field everyday.

Ethical Compliance

At The Directory52 Network we are committed to delivering world-class solutions backed by unmatched customer service to each of our clients. Due to the nature of our business we maintain being virtually responsible and grounded with the highest ethical standards, The Directory52 Network is committed to being a socially aware global business, assisting the organizations and the communities in which we work.

TDN provides various solutions for Advertisers to market their business on the sites that consumers are utilizing within TDN Affiliates and Partners, as well as, other optimizing locations. We work with our clients one on one to create custom marketing concepts based off their business initiatives. Our direct focus stems from custom email and direct mail, tailored web solutions, packaging and advertising campaigns that reinforce a branding image.

Ethics and Professionalism: At TDN we strive to maintain and act with the highest degree of professionalism, ethics and integrity following the company policy at all times. The Directory52 Network is committed to conducting all business relationships with integrity and high ethical standards and expects the same from its business associates.

Representation of Facts: At TDN we fairly represent the benefits of solutions and services we have to offer to new and past clients. It comes second nature to conduct all presentations and/or interviews in a positive manner relying upon my trained strategy along with the value of The Directory52 Networks' services to speak their own volumes. I will serve as a model of good citizenship and be vigilant to the effects of my products and services on my community.

Responsibility to Clients: At TDN we act in the best interest of our clients, striving to present solutions and services that satisfy our customers' needs. At TDN we provide sound professional advice in all consultations and stay current about the industry to remain knowledgeable of industry services and specifically the services of TDN. At TDN we double check all communication sent to potential customers or current clients to be sure that we are speaking in a professional tone and continue that verbiage throughout the communication.

Confidentiality: At TDN we maintain the confidentiality of information provided to me by any prospect or customer or the company and will not reveal any such information without proper consent or except to the company and its agents unless I am in a journalism role. At TDN we do not contract other representatives to do our job in our absence and will introduce ourselves personally to clients. At TDN we want full credit for all services rendered therefore we continue to work with our clients until we are satisfied with the end result.. A returning client!

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